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Want to prolong the lifetime of your engines?

The operating conditions of engines can result in abnormal liner wear and seized or broken piston rings. To increase the lifetime of engines and reduce costs it is crucial to monitor the condition of the engines and perform maintenance regularly.
By using high-quality precision equipment, it is possible to reduce liner wear and piston ring wear and prevent engine failure and off-hire situations.

Chris-Marine offers complete monitoring and maintenance solutions for all types of diesel and gas engines that provide electricity for base load, grid stability, emergency generators and oil & gas applications. The solutions include monitoring and maintenance equipment, service of equipment, and training conducted by super-users. This means that our customers get everything they need from one global supplier, which significantly facilitates the running of their engines.

Monitoring & maintenance equipment
Our range of products includes machines for engine monitoring, engine parts cleaning, fuel maintenance, and grinding & machining of cylinder heads, cylinder liners and sealing surfaces.
We also offer power packs, accessories, and consumables. Learn more about our monitoring and maintenance products here

PTL at a glance
PTL is a portable lathe used for in-situ machining of engine frames on medium speed diesel engines. It is a highly versatile, precise, and robust machine, which has a stepless feed for vertical and horizontal movements. PTL can be equipped with mounting adapters specifically designed for individual engine types. PTL has a capacity of machining from Ø300 to Ø900mm and operates at three different levels: upper liner (machining of landing surface and upper guiding surface), lower liner (machining of the lower sealing surface) and the intermediate liner (machining of sealing/guiding surface).

However, machining of engine frames is a complicated job which requires skilled personnel who are used to performing such maintenance. Therefore, our service teams are busy helping our customers around the world with their PTL jobs. Without professional machining of liner surfaces there is a significant risk of water leakages and engine downtime. Chris-Marine’s service teams have hands-on experience of jobs on cruise ships and power barges as well as at power plants and in mines. They also provide advice and support to our customers’ own technical crews.

Our teams are often involved in projects like PTL machining with our own technicians, training our customers’ technicians to use PTL, as well as remote support for customer technicians doing a PTL job. By having this kind of flexibility, we not only help our customers reduce costs, but also provide them with more service options to choose from. In addition, we offer rental options for customers who wish to carry out a PTL job but aren’t interested in purchasing a machine.
Learn more about PTL

Service agreements
Chris-Marine’s service agreements make sure that engine maintenance always is performed using the latest know-how, and that the equipment is ready for the next service job. Service agreements normally include a combination of spares & consumables, in-situ services, repairs, and training. In addition, Chris-Marine offers Remote Training and 24/7 support. Learn more about our service agreements here

About us
Chris-Marine develops, produces, and sells precision tools and machines used when monitoring and overhauling marine diesel and gas engines in merchant vessels and IC engine power plants. The head office is in Malmö, Sweden, with production units in Copenhagen, Hamburg, and Malmö. Chris-Marine is a market leader that operates globally through sales and service teams, subsidiaries, and sales representatives. Our customers are engine designers, engine builders, power plant owners, ship owners, service workshops and shipyards. Watch our corporate video

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to hear more about our products & services or need help with a PTL job!

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