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Lindblad sets long-awaited National Geographic Endurance inaugural

PHOTO: ØIVIND HAUG/LINDBLAD EXPEDITIONS CRUISE_Nat_Geo_ Endurance_aft_deck_Photo_Oivind Haug.jpg
Wines are chilling on National Geographic Endurance's aft deck in preparation for celebrating the ship's inaugural cruise
Lindblad Expeditions scheduled the long-awaited maiden voyage of National Geographic Endurance, an Iceland-Greenland sailing departing July 21.

The 126-passenger vessel will sail round-trip from Reykjavik, Iceland, on a 19-day adventure.

National Geographic Endurance was delivered in March last year, just as the pandemic was shutting down global travel, and hasn't carried passengers yet. The ship sat out the wait in Norway.

It has a high Polar Class 5 rating, allowing for year-round operation in medium first-year ice which may include old ice.

Greenland landings, if border opens

The inaugural sailing will explore Iceland’s fjords and waterfalls before venturing along the ice's edge off the east coast of Greenland, an Arctic 'savannah' for polar bears, walruses and whales. If Greenland’s border opens for visitors, the ship will make landings and explore ashore.

Fares start at $22,190 per person, double occupancy. 

Two 13-day trips

Following the inaugural voyage, National Geographic Endurance will embark on two 13-day Iceland/Greenland voyages with departures on Aug. 7 and Aug. 18. The ship will explore Iceland's fjords before following the edge of Greenland’s seasonal sea ice in search of wildlife, with a flexible agenda.

Fares start at $13,350, double occupancy.

Hike to view erupting volcano

Travelers on both itineraries will have the opportunity to hike to the erupting Fagradalsfjall Volcano in the region of Geldingadalur. Offered as an optional and free excursion, the approximately three-hour adventure will culminate with a stunning view of the erupting volcano. 

Lindblad recently unveiled Iceland cruises on National Geographic Explorer, to start July 7.

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