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When is Brilliant Lady joining Virgin Voyages? It will be a while

Brilliant Lady may not enter service until late 2025, or after
It looks like Virgin Voyages' Brilliant Lady will not be entering service in 2024, and maybe not before late 2025.

The fourth and final lady ship's introduction was delayed from late 2023, however the company hasn't specified a new date.

In an interview with Seatrade Cruise News, Virgin's John Diorio, VP North American sales, said he's optimistic that over the next four to five months, 'we will have a nice game plan for Brilliant Lady' and the 'optimal time to put her on sale.'

Ramp-up time of 18 to 24 months

But he added that from the sale launch, 'We need that ramp-up time of 18 to 24 months' before Brilliant Lady would enter service. That could push the introduction into late 2025 or even 2026.

So just nine oceangoing newbuild deliveries this year

This reduces the number of 2024 oceangoing newbuild deliveries to nine from the 10 projected.

Virgin's first three ships were handed over during the pandemic. For the fourth, the line has 'the luxury of deciding what's the best time for us,' as Diorio put it.

He said Virgin Voyages is carefully assessing its 2026 and 2027 deployment and itineraries.

As he tells first mates (travel advisors): 'Give us time, Brilliant's coming ...'

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