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Coral Adventurer’s GIT coatings on hull and propellers

Coral Adventurer had GIT hull and propeller coatings during a three-week refit in her homeport of Cairns
Coral Expeditions’ 120-passenger Coral Adventurer underwent a major upgrade with its hull coated with XGIT-FUEL and its propellers with XGIT-PROP.

XGIT-FUEL, produced by Canada’s Graphite Innovation & Technologies (GIT), is a graphene-based hard foul release hull coating that lasts for about 10 years and creates an ultra-low friction surface that deters the attachment of biofouling.

XGIT-PROP is a highly durable graphene-based hard foul release propeller coating that helps improve vessel performance with the potential to curtail fuel consumption by up to 4%.

Coral Expeditions MD Mark Fifield said the extended lifespan of XGIT-FUEL not only reduces maintenance intervals, but also guarantees consistent performance throughout prolonged operational periods.

Safeguarding marine ecosystems

Fifield said by utilising graphene, XGIT-FUEL not only enhances fuel efficiency, but also eliminates the need for harmful antifouling agents, thus safeguarding marine ecosystems.

‘These advancements exemplify Coral Expeditions’ dedication to pioneering sustainable practices within the expedition cruising sector,’ he said.

‘As the first Australian ship to use GIT Coatings’ technology, Coral Adventurer is leading the charge towards a brighter future for marine technology.’