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First look: MSC Euribia exudes sophisticated elegance, with new and enhanced venues

PHOTO: HOLLY PAYNE Cruise_orchid.jpg
Green Orchid, decorated in tones of rich olive green and ivory, is one of MSC Euribia's complimentary dining venues
The opulent Swarovski staircases are back, the Atrium with its artistic display piece spanning several decks, the LED sky dome-topped promenade, plus several other features and venues previously seen on sister ship MSC Virtuosa. But several enhancements also feature on the just-delivered Meraviglia-Plus vessel, MSC Euribia.

The second LNG-powered MSC Cruises ship is currently sailing from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, where its naming ceremony takes place tomorrow.

It is the world’s first net-zero GHG emissions voyage.


Wine bar Helios on Deck 6 replaces MSC Starship Club seen on board MSC Virtuosa, hosted by a humanoid bartender serving cocktails. A ‘virtual vineyard at sea,’ Helios instead gives passengers the chance to choose from 100 new- and old-world wines not found anywhere else on the ship. As in MSC Starship Club, multiple digital touch screens can be found throughout the venue, on walls and on large tables, as well as nestled between sets of two chairs if a more intimate setting is desired.

The screens are activated by placing an interactive coaster – made partly from organic material, including grape vines – on top of the screen, which brings up a list of options from which to choose: from fun facts to wine knowledge tips, a wine list to a rundown of winemakers, presented through short videos. It can accomodate 90 passengers, covering 160㎡. 

HOLLY PAYNECollage Maker-07-Jun-2023-10-03-AM-8016.jpg


Passengers can read about vineyards and discover new wine varieties based on their on-screen selections, and all wines are served in a glass worth $25, crafted to bring out maximum flavor. An hour-long winetasting experience paired with snacks and cheeses is offered at a cost of $35 per passenger for one-hour.

L'Atelier du Voyageur

A specially commissioned artwork, in the form of a purpose-built LED display showing walking figures, has been installed in L'Atelier du Voyageur on deck six, which contains 149 seats. The contemporary and colourful 11x2mtr piece was created by British artist Julian Opie.

HOLLY PAYNECollage Maker-07-Jun-2023-09-55-AM-4487.jpg

Figures walk on and off the screen in this interactive artwork by Julian Opie

Le Grill

Le Grill can be found in the same spot as Indochine on MSC Virtuosa – at the rear of L'Atelier du Voyageur – and replaces Butcher’s Cut seen on the previous Meraviglia-Plus ship. The specialty French-inspired steakhouse has seating for 60 passengers spanning 98㎡  and features dishes such as Black Angus beef from Meat by Linz, traditional onion soup, moules frites, blue lobster, Rockefeller oysters, fresh tagliatelle and various desserts.

HOLLY PAYNECollage Maker-07-Jun-2023-09-53-AM-8030.jpg

Le Grill


Kaito Sushi has been extended to include Robotayaki, a new concept exclusive to MSC Euribia based on the traditional Japanese robotayaki method of preparing food at varying speeds over hot charcoal. The Robotayaki counter can be found inside the specialty Kaito Sushi dining venue on Deck 7.

HOLLY PAYNECollage Maker-07-Jun-2023-09-57-AM-6169.jpg

The robotayaki counter at Kaito Sushi & Robotayaki

Carousel Lounge

Carousel Lounge has a striking new layout, with even more expansive panoramic views and doors leading out on to terraces, with upholstery in muted tones to accentuate the atmosphere of calm and relaxation. It is open plan, but with tucked away seating around the perimeter for privacy to gaze out over the ocean from the ship’s aft at Deck 7. The stage is located further towards the rear of the space than in the same venue on board MSC Virtuosa, closer to the floor to ceiling windows.

HOLLY PAYNECollage Maker-07-Jun-2023-09-46-AM-1023.jpg

Carousel Lounge

Performances run through the evening with a different music genre nightly, spanning disco, orchestral, big band, rock and more. During the day, it can seat 352 passengers down to 312 passengers in the evening in a venue around 1,100. The terrace holds 66 passengers in a 140 area. 

HOLLY PAYNECollage Maker-07-Jun-2023-09-50-AM-7491.jpg

Carousel Lounge

MSC Aurea Spa

The spa zone on Deck 7 now includes a dry flotation tank, giving passengers a feeling of weightlessness surrounded by glowing shades of colour for calm and ambience.


The dry floatation tank in MSC Aurea Spa

Complimentary dining

Three new complimentary dining venues can be found on board the new LNG-powered ship: Green Orchid Restaurant on deck five, as well as Aurora Boreale, Aurora Borealis and Colorado River all on deck six.

HOLLY PAYNECollage Maker-07-Jun-2023-10-43-AM-4673.jpg

Aurora Boreale

HOLLY PAYNECollage Maker-07-Jun-2023-10-44-AM-4352.jpg

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Boreale and Aurora Borealis seat 908 passengers collectively over 1,338㎡ and are similarly designed, with artwork of the night sky and the northern lights. They offer a range of Mediterranean and international specialties, and a change of menu every day. Fresh pasta and bread are prepared daily, and vegan and vegetarian options are always available.

The 1,000 Colorado River offers Mediterranean and international dishes, too, but with artwork symbolising the Rockies, and can seat 714 passengers. Green Orchid, which has room for 598 passengers in its 1,050 setting, is decorated in tones of rich olive green and ivory, with artwork of the plants scattered throughout the venue.

HOLLY PAYNECollage Maker-07-Jun-2023-10-56-AM-8218.jpg

Colorado River

Spaces for kids

A specially equipped venue, MSC Foundation Lab, can be found on Deck 18 aimed at inspiring the youngest passengers to be stewards of the environment.

Some 700 sq m of interior space aboard MSC Euribia is dedicated to kids and teens, including areas focused on the environment and technology.

Part of the space containing seven rooms – each catered to different age groups up to 17 years – has walls created from sugar corn, in keeping with the brand's commitment to innovative sustainable practises. 

HOLLY PAYNECollage Maker-07-Jun-2023-09-52-AM-5461.jpg

A wall created from sugar corn

MSC Euribia: Overview  

The 181,541gt MSC Euribia can accommodate 6,327 passengers and 1,711 crew members, with 60 cabins for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility. At 331.43 mtr in length and 75.5mtr in height, the ship has 19 decks with public areas totaling 35,000 which includes space for four pools, one with a sliding roof, and nine whirlpool baths.

MSC Euribia is stabilised by two fins and has a maximum speed of 22.8 knots.

A look at MSC Euribia's Yacht Club to follow