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BLOG: Build Competence to Build a Better Future

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Antonio Prestigiacomo, an accomplished and strategic business development leader with 20+ years of experience across organizations in the maritime and offshore industries, shares the benefits professionals and companies can gain from expert training.

The pace of change in the maritime industry is ever-increasing, and with it, so is the importance of building and maintaining competence. Competence is built on knowledge; knowledge, in turn, leads to greater personal and corporate success. Investing in knowledge through training allows both professionals and companies to take better control of their future.

In the cruise industry, there’s no room to cut corners. Safety, service and innovation all have to combine to provide an unmatched experience for customers. A strong foundation of knowledge and expertise provides the starting point for maritime professionals and companies to provide the experience in demand.

For over 20 years, DNV Maritime Academy has been preparing maritime professionals for the challenges and opportunities of working in shipping and providing skills and knowledge to succeed in this dynamic industry. By sharing expertise and knowledge, DNV supports professionals and companies in improving business performance and achieving their goals.

DNV maintains an extensive training portfolio with courses applicable to all maritime industry sectors – including cruise. The Academy regularly offers public training courses on a selection of its most popular and relevant topics, with its Internal Auditor ISM-ISPS-MLC and Designated Person Ashore (DPA) courses being among those most sought after. DNV also offers Survey Simulator Practice, a virtual tool that brings vessels to life in the classroom. And for those who cannot be in the classroom, e-learning courses are available.

With the commitment to add value, DNV's Maritime Academy works to find the right training solution to fit any need, and new courses are always in development with the support of DNV experts. Where an existing course doesn’t fit off the shelf, DNV can tailor the course to meet a customer’s individual needs.

Utilizing its global network, pool of experts, and strength in digital services, DNV Maritime Academy stays up to date on the latest developments and shifts in the maritime landscape. DNV empowers professionals and companies by sharing knowledge and reliable insights, allowing critical decisions to be made with confidence. Knowledge builds competence, and competence builds a better future.

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