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Heraklion's commitment to environmental stewardship

Heraklion's commitment to environmental stewardship
Heraklion Port Authority has instigated a series of initiatives focused on reducing its environmental footprint.

Along with the commissioning of targeted studies, funds have been allocated to develop systems for the reduction of natural resource wastage and CO₂ emissions.

A new water management system is now in place to control the irrigation of the port’s landscaping.

In the area of energy conservation, a special study was recently completed for the installation of a geothermic system to cover the air-conditioning needs of the 2,500sq mtr Passenger Terminal.

Additionally, a new lighting plan has been prepared to replace conventional lighting with LED, with implementation already in progress. Also, all illuminated signage and advertizing billboards installed in various locations in the port are now powered by solar energy.

MedCruise member, Heraklion Port Authority president and managing director Ioannis Bras stated: ‘We declare our full commitment to environmental stewardship with a view to an integrated green port model for Crete and thus help improve the quality of life of its citizens and visitors.’