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Japan offers shoreside quarantine for Diamond Princess guests

Passengers are welcome to remain on the ship to complete the quarantine
Japan is offering a shoreside facility for Diamond Princess passengers who voluntarily wish to complete their quarantine there.

44 more cases confirmed

The number of coronavirus cases on board increased by 44, to a total of 218 on Thursday. As people are diagnosed, they're taken to hospitals ashore.

Most vulnerable get priority

Princess Cruises said it was informed that over the next several days, Japanese health officials are planning a voluntarily disembarkation. This phased approach would first take the most medically vulnerable passengers, including older people with pre-existing health conditions.

Tested for coronavirus first

According to officials, passengers will first be tested for coronavirus. If the test is positivethey will be transported to a locahospital for further evaluation and isolation. If the test is negativethey will be given the option to leave the ship and be transported to a quarantine housing facility.  

Officials said these facilities include individuarooms and individual bathrooms. There are no clinics on site. Prescription medication will be provided, but medical care will require transport to hospital or clinic. 

The food availablwill not accommodatdietary preferencebut will accommodate certain medical conditions. The meals provided will be Japanese bento-style boxes. No Western meals will be available. 

Passengers welcome to remain on the ship

Princess Cruises confirmed all passengers are welcome to remain on board through the end of the quarantine period. 

Previously, Japanese officials have said the quarantine would end Feb. 19, unless there are any unforeseen developments.

Diamond Princess has been quarantined since arriving in Yokohama Feb. 3 after a man on the prior voyage was diagnosed at a Hong Kong hospital.

The ship arrived carrying 2,666 passengers and 1,045 crew from a range of nationalities. About half the passengers are from Japan.