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Swank Motion Pictures brings premium content to cruisers' fingertips

Swank Motion Pictures created the technology to bring new movies and streaming TV shows into the cruise environment, on cabin screens and mobile devices.

For guests, new releases from Warner Bros., Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney, Lionsgate and many independent studios enriches their experience while providing the cruise line additional touchpoints for branding.

For crew, easily accessible mobile content can facilitate communications between employer and employee — for example, training videos — while leading to better performance and greater job satisfaction.

Easy integration with cruise line mobile apps

The Swank Streaming Platform can be used as a set of streaming capabilities that easily enables integration of premium content directly into a cruise line’s proprietary passenger mobile application. Activating video-on-demand content through a cruise line app provides another way to bring passengers back to interact with the line's app.

And, within the application, users can easily select the audio and subtitle languages they prefer for a tailored experience.

Elegant software framework

'The pandemic has elevated mobile entertainment content for cruise brands,' said Bill Evjen, VP and chief information officer of Swank Motion Pictures. 'We used the pandemic suspension of cruising to hone our streaming platform and, as a result, costs and operations are now simpler and more palatable. Swank has an elegant software framework that folds into existing cruise line proprietary apps to create an environment for high-resolution streaming content of all kinds, whether new movies for guests or safety and training videos for crew.'

Princess Cruises and Virgin Voyages

Swank Motion Pictures has implemented shipboard streaming systems for Princess Cruises and Virgin Voyages.

'The key variable is low-impact local network streaming of high-quality content,' Evjen said. 'But Swank is an expert in those areas and has worked with a variety of ships to create an environment to stream high-resolution video content to both TVs and devices onboard.'

Founded in 1937, Swank Motion Pictures licenses and distributes visual content to nontheatrical markets like cruise lines, US colleges and universities, hospitals, motor coaches, Amtrak trains and other markets such as parks, art museums and businesses. The St. Louis, Missouri-based company, which has second office in Paris, France, offers one-on-one customer service, groundbreaking technology and close partnerships with the world’s best studios.