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Adriana Granato tapped for A&K Group design oversight, Mortolas for Crystal newbuilds

Adriana Granato, left, will oversee all architectural and interior design projects for A&K Travel Group, and Giacomo and Lorenzo Mortola will design Crystal's new ocean and expedition ships and some A&K riverboats
A&K Travel Group appointed Adriana Granato to oversee all architectural and interior design projects and Giacomo and Lorenzo Mortola to design Crystal's new ocean and expedition ships and some A&K riverboats.

The Milan-based Granato, who was involved in Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony's refurbishments, brings a wealth of expertise to the group's architectural and interior design projects for their camps, lodges, boats and ships.

With degrees in architecture and design and technologies for cultural heritage, she is one of the youngest women adjunct professors at Politecnico di Milano. In 2018, she founded Studio Ibsen, a think tank of architects, interior designers and researchers for national and international projects, academic research and social initiatives.

For A&K's new camps and lodges, Granato will work with local architects and interior designers to ensure the group's Italian heritage, style and taste blend with regional materials, patterns and colors.

Crystal vessels

In 2023 Crystal announced plans to build two ocean ships and two expedition vessels.

Those and some of A&K's new riverbboats, will be designed by Genoa-based Studio GEM, led by Giacomo Mortola and his son Lorenzo Mortola.

They bring 70 years of combined experience in ship design and recently worked on the redesign of select guest rooms and suites for Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony.

Internal team led by Roberto Fazi

An internal team of naval engineers and architects headed by Crystal's Roberto Fazi, SVP marine, will cooperate with Studio Gem and Studio Ibsen.

A&K Travel Group CEO Cristina Levis called Granato an 'invaluable asset, consistently delivering exceptional results in the face of challenging projects. Her vast knowledge and unparalleled expertise in materials, shapes, and architectural history make her a true visionary in her field.

Balancing tradition and innovation

'Adriana's deep understanding of my vision for our two brands, coupled with her keen awareness of our Group's strategic goals, enables her to strike the perfect balance between tradition and innovation,' she continued.

Levis said this ensures A&K's offerings 'resonate with both millennials and older generations alike, a testament to her remarkable ability to bridge the gap between the past and the future.'

As for the Mortolas, Levis has worked with them for many years, starting from the construction and refurbishment of Silversea ships in her past roles at that brand, and more recently with Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity.

Sophisticated taste and attention to detail

'The sophisticated taste of Giacomo Mortola and his meticulous attention to details coupled with the pragmatic and fresh eye of his incredibly talented son Lorenzo are the perfect match for the ambitions for our ships and future projects,' Levis said.