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In Focus: Covid-19 Solutions

Intercruises and Vikand partner on Global Port Medical Network

Vikand's Peter Hult and Intercruises' Olga Piqueras
Intercruises Shoreside & Port Services and Vikand Solutions are partnering to develop a Global Port Medical Network.

This network will help in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic by supporting the safe return of cruising and the wider maritime industry.

Medical facilities database

With local presence in ports around the world, Intercruises will use its team's collective local knowledge and relationships to collate key information about medical facilities in different locations. This information will populate a continually evolving database managed by the Vikand team, who also will work with Intercruises to define and implement medical protocols according to destination resources.

'We are proud to have already played a role in the safe return to cruising, but we must continue to take actions that will support this process,' Intercruises Managing Director Olga Piqueras said. 'By working with Vikand on this initiative we are using Intercruises’ local presence and relationships to better support our cruise line clients and the communities in which we work.'

Shoreside care for COVID-19 patients

The Global Port Medical Network will aid cruise lines adhere to protocols set forth by the EU Healthy Gateways commission and other national health authorities. These require cruise operators to have agreements in place with local health agencies and/or health care providers to ensure ambulance and medical care can be provided for COVID-19 cases.

'A first partnership within Vikand’s broader Vikand Medical Network, the Global Port Medical Network we’ve designed with Intercruises is a comprehensive system of destination medical services and providers that have existing port agency working relationships,' Vikand CEO Peter Hult said. 'With this tool, we can ensure there are medical facilities prepared to assist if needed, further strengthening our clients’ safe return to service, and giving them and their guests peace of mind.'

He added: 'The initiative with Intercruises means we can truly say that we are ready to provide support in situations where there are potential shipboard COVID-19 cases.'