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Exploris chooses Lloyd’s Register software for fleet operations management

Exploris EVP marine operations David Blouin said it is essential to have the right technology in place as the line sets out to change the expedition cruise industry
Exploris has selected Lloyd’s Register to provide an integrated application for its fleet operations with the Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) platform.

The platform will be used to streamline Exploris’ ship management processes and increase overall efficiency. 

With more than 40 different applications, CFM offers a single cloud-based source of real-time information for employees, crews at sea and external partners. The modules are adapted to each department’s individual needs, ensuring that workflows are streamlined and relevant information is always available. 

A centralised platform

Cloud Fleet Manager provides Exploris with a centralised platform to manage all aspects of its fleet operations, from maintenance and compliance to voyage planning and purchasing. 

Additionally, the software, which offers a user-friendly interface, real-time data access, and advanced analytics capabilities, will also help in reducing downtime and increasing operational reliability. 

‘...As we set out to change the expedition cruise industry, it is essential that we have the right technology in place to support our operations,’ said David Blouin, EVP marine operations, Exploris, which offers small-scale, intimate expeditions to remote areas. ‘We believe that Cloud Fleet Manager is the perfect fit for our company, and we look forward to working together to create a new standard for sustainable and responsible cruising.’ 

Martin Taylor, CEO of Lloyd’s Register’s digital solutions, said Lloyd’s was ‘excited’ to support Exploris’ vision through its software. He added, ‘Cloud Fleet Manager allows companies like Exploris to focus on what they do best, providing unforgettable experiences for their passengers while our system handles the rest.’