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Silver Endeavour named in Antarctica's spectacular Lemaire Channel

PHOTO: ANNE KALOSH CRUISE_Silver_Endeavour_naming.jpg
Guests watch Silver Endeavour's naming from Zodiacs
Ringed by Zodiacs in Antarctica's spectacular Lemaire Channel, Silver Endeavour was officially named by polar explorer Felicity Aston Saturday morning.

On the bridge wing Aston — the first woman to ski solo across Antarctica — pronounced the godmother's blessing and smashed a 'bottle' made of ice against the hull as Silversea Cruises' guests toasted with Champagne from the Zodiacs and crew cheered from the bow.

ANNE KALOSHCRUISE_Silver_Endeavour_navigating_Lemaire.jpg

Silver Endeavour glides through the channel


Awesome setting

Lemaire is ringed by towering snowcapped mountains and bobbing with growlers.

Ashore, a parade of gentoo penguins marched up an impossibly steep climb.

As the sun broke out, Silver Endeavour glided silently into position, and 13 Zodiacs waltzed around in a choreographed spectacle before gathering off the port bow.

ANNE KALOSHCRUISE_Silver_Endeavour_bridge_wing.jpg

Godmother Felicity Aston on the bridge wing with Capt. Niklas Peterstam and Peter Greenberg


Naming party

The naming party — Aston, Capt. Niklas Peterstam and emcee Peter Greenberg — stepped onto the bridge wing, their words conveyed via QuietVox headsets to guests in the Zodiacs.

Peterstam — a seasoned polar veteran — said it was rare to be able to access the narrow channel so early in the season.

And rarer still to stage such a spectacle in these surroundings.

ANNE KALOSHCRUISE_Silver_Endeavour_Champagne.jpg

Silver Endeavour crew deliver Champagne to guests in the Zodiacs

In true Silversea style, a Zodiac circulated with Champagne to celebrate the endeavor and the purpose of it all — Silver Endeavour.

ANNE KALOSHCRUISE_Silver_Endeavour_emerges_Lemaire.jpg

The newly named Silver Endeavour emerges from the southern end of Lemaire Channel

Here's a video of highlights: