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Crystal Endeavor's inaugural season routes unveiled

Crystal Endeavor bookings open Aug. 8 for Crystal Society members Aug. 22 to the general public
Voyages exploring the cultural and bio-diversity of Japan and the Russian Far East, New Zealand, Australia and Antarctica, as well as tropical wildlands, are featured during the inaugural season for luxury expedition yacht Crystal Endeavor.

Sailings begin Aug. 10, 2020, though Crystal Endeavor will sail a series of charters and special event voyages before this.

Voyages of 12 to 22 days are planned, with opportunities for hiking, biking, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, helicopter and Zodiac tours.

Fares start at $12,749

The initial roster of itineraries includes 12 unique voyages with fares starting at $12,749 per person, double occupancy, excluding port taxes and fees. Passengers on the maiden voyage will also receive a complimentary one-night pre-cruise luxury hotel stay and have the opportunity to participate in the yacht’s naming event.

That voyage explores the Russian Far East and Japan, round-trip from Tokyo. Crystal Endeavor will sail along Japan's coast to Hakodate and Rishiri Island, then head to Korsakov, Tyuleniy, Yankicha and Srednego Islands, Paramushir and Atlasova Islands, Russkaya/Thirka Bay, Cape Kekurnyy and Morzovaya Bay, Russia. The cruise continues into the Sea of Okhotsk and Chirpoy Island, Russia, then back to Japan, stopping at Otaru.

Kamchatka Peninsula and the wildlife-rich Kuril Islands

Highlights include the Far Eastern Russia’s dramatic Kamchatka Peninsula and the wildlife-rich Kuril Islands plus Japan’s northern islands of Hokkaido and Rishiri, and optional exploration of the Valley of the Geysers and other Zodiac expeditions and nature hikes.

Another 17-day round-trip from Tokyo follows. The ship will explore Muroran, Hakodate, Sado Island, Kanazawa and Sakaiminato, Japan; Pohang, South Korea; Senzaki, Japan; cruise the Kanmon Strait and the Inland Sea, visit Miyajima/Itsukushima and Hiroshima, Japan, cruise the Inland Sea and call at Takamatsu, Kobe, Toba and Shimizu.

Japan’s most treasured temples, gardens and heritage sites

Among the highlights are immersive exploration of some of Japan’s most treasured temples, gardens and heritage sites including Kenroku-en Garden, Matsue Castle, South Korea’s Gyeongju Historic Site, Mikimoto Pearl Island and Mount Fuji.

On Sept. 13, Crystal Endeavor embarks in Tokyo on a 16-day voyage to Keelung (Tapei), Taiwan. The ship will visit Shingu, Osaka, Himeji, Tamano, Uwajima, Kagoshima, Anbo, Yakushima Island, Amami, Yoronjima, Motobu, and Naha, Okinawa, Kerama-Shoto Islands, Miyako Jima and Iriomote Island.

Highlights include cultural and natural marvels such as Kumano Hayatama Taisha Grand Shrine, Doro-kyo Gorge, Kyoto and Nara, Himeji Castle, Mount Sakurajima, Yakusugi Land and Waterfall, Zamami-Jima, Tsuki-ga-hama and Urauchi River.

Philippines, Borneo and Indonesia

On Sept. 29, Crystal Endeavor will begin a 16-day exploration of the Philippines, Borneo and Indonesia, on a cruise from Taipei to Bali. Ports include Hualien, Taiwan; Calayan Island, Hundred Islands National Park, Corregidor, Manila and El Nido, Palawan, Philippines; cruising the Celebes Sea; Sandakan, Borneo, Malaysia; Derawan Islands, Borneo, Indonesia; cruising the Makassar Strait; Palopo, South Sulawesi, Taka Bonerate National Park and Komodo Island.

The Oct. 15 voyage, also 16 days, will explore Indonesia in-depth and the Great Barrier Reef on a sailing from Bali to Cairns. Australia's offshore islands and the Great Barrier Reef feature in the Oct. 31 cruise from Cairns to Sydney, 14 days.

Tasmania and New Zealand's Fjords are highlighted on the Nov. 14 cruise from Sydney to Christchurch, including six full days exploring Tasmania's natural landscapes.A New Zealand immersion voyage on Nov. 28 spends 12 days in the country, and sails from Lyttleton (Christchurch) to Auckland. On Dec. 10, Crystal Endeavor sails back to Lyttleton, visiting a number of different ports. The Dec. 22 holiday expedition to New Zealand and Australia, 15 days, sails from Lyttleton to Hobart, Tasmania, with New Year's Eve in Sydney Harbour.

Antarctica and the Ross Sea

Antarctica adventures begin in 2021, with a 22-day journey featuring the Ross Sea, that sails Jan. 6 from Hobart and returns to Lyttleton. Another 22-day Antarctica and Ross Sea expedition follows on Jan. 28.

Crystal Endeavor journeys will open for booking by Crystal Society members on Aug. 8 and to the general public on Aug. 22. Expedition and excursion details will be announced at a later date.

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