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First gas container for LNG Hybrid Barge reaches Hamburg

First gas container for LNG Hybrid Barge reaches Hamburg
In the coming year, the HUMMEL LNG Hybrid Barge will enable Becker Marine Systems to supply low-emission power to cruise ships tied alongside in Hamburg.

The first container with LNG fuel has now arrived in the Hanseatic City and testing commenced.

'The testing of the gas engines is a first for both the classification society and participating authorities,' said Dirk Lehmann and Henning Kuhlmann, both managing directors of Becker.

The gas container from Shell Ganor was formally delivered to Becker Marine Systems at the Blohm + Voss shipyard, origination its journey from the Fluxys LNG Terminal in Zeebrugge, Belgium. The barge works like a floating power plant and uses low-emission Liquefied Natural Gas to supply environmentally-friendly energy to cruise ships.

Compared to conventional marine diesel with 0.1% sulphur content, sulphur dioxides and soot are no longer emitted. Emissions of nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide are also significantly reduced.

The LNG Hybrid Barge will officially commence operations at the start of Hamburg's 2015 cruise season next spring.

Earlier this month,  ship rudder manufacturer Becker Marine Systems, announced it is donating two cents for every tonne of CO2 saved towards the protection of marine habitats.

It presented a cheque worth €20,000 to the AIDA Freunde der Meere e.V. association at Becker’s Hamburg HQ.

Dr. Monika Griefahn, chair of the AIDA Freunde der Meere association accepted the cheque on behalf of the not-for-profit association founded last year.

‘More than one million tonnes of CO2 have been avoided following installation of the Becker Mewis Duct® on seagoing vessels all over the world.

‘For the coming year we anticipate savings of an additional 300,000 tonnes of CO2,’ said Lehmann and Kuhlmann.

Becker Marine Systems is installing approx. 200 Becker Mewis Ducts every year  on merchant ships.