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Garrets/Sailors’ Society scholarship enables student to pursue career at sea

Kristina Kamatoy, 18, sees the scholarship as a way to secure a stable job and to help her family
An aspiring chef has been selected as the second beneficiary of a maritime education scholarship co-funded by Sailors’ Society and Garrets International, and administered by Homer Foundation.

Kristina Kamatoy, 18, from Quezon in the Philippines, was awarded the scholarship to train at the Magsaysay Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA) in Manila. The Sailors’ Society – Homer Foundation Scholarship enables Filipino students from underprivileged backgrounds to pursue culinary careers in the shipping industry.

'This scholarship will serve as a stepping stone for me to become a successful chef on board a ship, see the world and secure a stable job that will help me to extend my hand for my family,' Kamatoy said. 'I’m so grateful to Garrets International and Sailors’ Society for this opportunity to fulfil my dream and reach my full potential as a chef.'

Garrets International co-funds the scholarship

Garrets International, provisions and stores management partner to the global shipping community, and maritime charity Sailors’ Society will provide funding to support Kamatoy's living costs for the duration of the one-year course.

'Like Sailors’ Society and Homer Foundation, Garrets International is committed to improving welfare and providing opportunities for careers at sea,' said Sandra Welch, Sailors’ Society’s deputy CEO and director of programme. 'We are delighted Garrets has agreed to co-fund the Sailors’ Society – Homer Foundation Scholarship in the Philippines for another year and are very grateful for their ongoing support.'

Opportunity to gain recognised training credentials

The Philippines has one of the largest rich-poor divides in Southeast Asia. MIHCA courses give young people an opportunity to gain recognised training credentials and embark on a seafaring career.

Students must demonstrate a desire to work at sea for three years following completion of the course. The training also prepares students to work on land in the hospitality industry when their seafaring careers are over.

Homer Foundation is a nonprofit organization that addresses the socioeconomic challenges of Filipino seafarers, their families and communities in general. It is the corporate social responsibility arm of Magsaysay Group of Companies.

Information on Sailors' Society scholarships and grants for nautical education is here.

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