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The Image Group provides photo buyers mobile-friendly instant gratification

Now cruisers can download and share their purchased digital photos during their cruise, often within minutes after they're taken (Photo: The Image Group)
Less than a year ago The Image Group introduced the first comprehensive on-demand photo service on Quantum of the Seas. Now, on Anthem of the Seas, the photo concessionaire has gone a step further in enabling passengers to download their cruise photos immediately after purchase to any mobile device.

Traditionally travelers have had to wait until the end of the cruise to receive their digital photos on a CD or USB. But people are becoming more mobile-centric, and Image's on-board download service provides instant gratification to those who would like to share their cruise photos as soon as they are purchased from a photo kiosk.

'Sharing fantastic vacation experiences with friends and family is part of our modern digital lives,' said Brynley Davies, md of Image.

'We are very excited about this new technology as it shows the power and flexibility of our iQ digital photo platform,' he added. 'Our technology has already substantially reduced the time it takes to move images from capture through editing and then to display them on the photo kiosk.'

Cruisers can download purchased digital photos directly to their smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. This is done via a shipboard website so there are no Internet access charges. No app is required and the platform is agnostic. It can be used with Apple iOS devices including iPhones and iPads, Android devices including phones and tablets, Windows and Mac laptops, and any other mobile device using a modern Internet browser.

Image’s iQ digital photo platform already cuts down the amount of time it takes for pictures to move from capture through editing to display on the photo kiosk. In most cases cruisers can see their photos within 30 minutes.

Now, with on-board download, they can view, purchase and share their photos on social channels or email very quickly after they were taken. At the end of the cruise, they still receive a USB with their digital images.

The new on-board download will be introduced to other Image ships running the proprietary iQ platform in the near future.