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Roenne's new multipurpose quay will be ready to receive larger cruise vessels up to 350mtr next summer

Port of Roenne’s new quay draws 50% hike in cruise visitors in 2019

Danish Port of Roenne, located on the island of Bornholm, is facing a 50% increase in visiting cruise passengers next year as a result of being able to accommodate larger vessels at its new multipurpose berth.    

This season is also turning into a record year notes the Baltic port’s cruise manager Niels Lundberg: ‘At this point we have just passed call number 30. That is four more than last year at the same time and the season is not over yet,’ pointing out that there are 13 more cruise ships arrivals until October, 2018.

‘Last year we had 26 calls and about 12,500 guests. But this year we expect 43 calls and approximately 20,000 guests - which is a pretty nice jump,’ drawing attention to the estimate for 2019, where a passenger increase of about 50% percent is expected.

New multipurpose quay ready June 2019

‘On June 1, 2019, our new 300mtr multipurpose quay will be ready to receive larger cruise vessels up to 350mtr. We are expecting 46 calls and approximately 30,000 guests on around the same number of ships, which are significantly larger.

In order to ready for the increase in visitors, ‘We are working closely with Destination Bornholm (Touristcenter) and are active in the Cruise Bornholm Network as we would like to be well prepared when the larger groups of guests arriving,’ says Lundberg.

Port expansion paying off

According to Thomas Bendtsen, ceo of Port of Roenne, the great results indicate that the business strategy that has been laid from an early stage seems to be the right one: ‘It is, of course, a pleasure to see that the strategic initiatives, the reality of our port expansion and a great deal of effort from the management and organization side have now begun to show rewards.’


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