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Turning wheelchairs into versatile vehicles, Freedom TRAX sees cruise potential

Freedom TRAX enables wheelchair-users to traverse currently inaccessible or difficult terrains
Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Freedom TRAX sees potential in the cruise sector for its two styles of motorized track system able to transform almost any manual wheelchair into a versatile electric vehicle that can easily transverse areas currently inaccessible or difficult for wheelchairs such as beaches, trails, mud, gravel and grass.

‘Cruise lines could purchase and rent the tracks to independent passengers for shoreside touring, or the ports could rent them to passengers or tour providers would rent them to passengers for their shore excursion programmes,’ comments Rocky Mountain Freedom's Cindy Henke.

A second product option provides a complete wheelchair and track system all in one unit.  This unit is easy to detach the tracks from the chair for convenient transport and storage.

The TRAX incorporates an innovative motorized track system into a lightweight aluminum frame allowing the user to mount and dismount their chair with ease. 

The unit provides a 5 mile operating range and weighs approximately 65 lbs. (29.5 kg), easy for storage and can be checked into airlines for quick transport. A rechargeable battery, charger, and joystick are included.

‘Feedback shows that land-based customers love to use the track system on their wheelchairs so they can enjoy beaches, tour a city and participate in tour activities that they have presently been unable to do,’ said Henke.