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Aurora Expeditions’ Ocean Explorer remains stranded in Greenland (updated)

The stranded Ocean Explorer visited by the Sirius Dog Sled Patrol, a unit of the Danish Special Forces
The 134-passenger Ocean Explorer, which Australia’s Aurora Expeditions has been operating temporarily in place of Greg Mortimer while that ship undergoes repairs for propeller damage, is stranded in the remote Northeast Greenland National Park.

The ship has been trying to free itself on high tides, but so far to no avail.

Update 14th September

Attempts by a fishing trawler owned by the Greenland government to use a high tide to try to free Ocean Explorer failed.

So did two earlier attempts by Ocean Explorer’s crew to get the ship to float free on its own during high tide.

The Sirius Dog Sled Patrol, a unit of the Danish Special Forces, has visited the ship by boat and the Royal Danish Navy’s patrol ship Knud Rasmussen is heading for Ocean Explorer and is now expected to arrive late Friday.

No danger

‘We do not see any immediate danger to human life or the environment, which is reassuring,’ Brian Jensen, head of operations for the Danish military’s Joint Arctic Command, said.

Jensen said its inspection vessel was 1,200 nautical miles away at the time.

The JAC has also asked a cruise ship located nearer Ocean Explorer, believed to be Silver Endeavour, to stay in the area to assist if necessary.

Aurora’s statement

‘We are actively engaged in efforts to free the MV Ocean Explorer from its grounding,’ a statement issued by Aurora Expeditions said. ‘Our foremost commitment is to ensure the vessel’s recovery without compromising safety,’ it said.

‘All passengers, the expedition team and crew on board are safe and well.

‘We have also secured the support of other vessels in the vicinity should their assistance become necessary.

‘As we continue to gather more information and progress in our efforts, we will provide further updates.’