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British Virgin Islands Ports Authority names new managing director

Chair Roxane Ritter-Herbert welcomes Akeem PIckering as managing director of the British Virgin Islands Ports Authority
Akeem Pickering was appointed managing director of the British Virgin Islands Ports Authority for an initial two-year term.

According to the Authority, Pickering has had a distinguished career in the public and private sectors with a history of strategic leadership and successful management. He previously served as the BVIPA's acting deputy managing director. 

'The ideal candidate'

BVIPA Chair Roxane Ritter-Herbert said Pickering's 'exceptional leadership skills and unwavering commitment to the growth of the BVI's maritime sector make him the ideal candidate to the lead the Authority into the future. We believe that under his guidance and direction, the BVIPA will thrive and make significant contributions to the development of the British Virgin Islands.'

Pickering is tasked with directing the Authority's business operations, overseeing the workforce, driving strategic initiatives and collaborating closely with key stakeholders to bolster the BVIPA's role in the region's trade and travel landscape.

'In the maritime industry, success is the result of collective effort, not individual strength,' Pickering said. 'I have returned to the organisation with renewed dedication and focus, and my aim is to strengthen the BVIPA with this revitalised commitment. Together we can build a more robust and interconnected BVIPA, one that efficiently manages operations while cultivating lasting relationships.'