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Royal Canadian Geo Society speakers to join Cunard Alaska cruises

From top left, David Gray, Jill Heinerth and Andrew Fuestel. Center, from left, George Kourounis, Patricia Sims and Joseph Frey. Bottom, from left, Brian and Dee Keating, Russell Potter and Lynn Moorman
Cunard's partnership with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society continues, with speakers set to join every 2024 Alaska voyage starting June 21.

RCGS speakers include accomplished explorers, naturalists, geographers, astronauts and indigenous advocates who will curate programming for the Queen Elizabeth voyages.

They include Brian and Dee Keating (June 21-July 1), naturalists who have been leading wilderness adventures for nearly four decades. Andrew Fuestel (July 1-11) is an astronaut who served 23 years with NASA. He has flown to space three times, including twice on the Space Shuttle and once on the Russian Soyuz rocket.

Patricia Sims (July 11-22), RCGS fellow, is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, naturalist and founder of World Elephant Day. Russell Potter (July 11-Aug. 1), RCGS fellow, is an author and historian known for his books and lectures about the lost Franklin Arctic expedition of 1845.

George Kourounis (Aug. 1-10), RCGS explorer in residence, is a worldwide explorer and adventurer who contributes his expertise to the Discovery Channel and the Weather Network.

Lynn Moorman (Aug. 10-20), RCGS fellow, is a geographer and educator who speaks about the glaciers and fjords along the British Columbia Coast and Alaska. Jill Heinerth (Aug. 20-30), RCGS explorer in residence, is an underwater diver, explorer, author and educator with a focus on coastal environments

David Gray (Aug. 30-Sept. 9), RCGS fellow, is a naturalist, photographer and adventurer best known for his daily morning program 'The Calgary Eyeopener,' one of Canada’s top-rated local radio shows for over a decade.

Additional notables

In addition to RCGS speakers, Cunard assembled other experts including Alex Debogorski from History Channel's hit reality TV show 'Ice Road Truckers,' and Preet Chandi, MBE, who in 2023 completed the longest solo unsupported one-way polar ski journey by a woman and the longest solo unsupported one-way polar ski journey overall.

Plus: Kenton Cool, who has climbed Mount Everest 17 times and is the first person to climb Everest’s three peaks; Caroline Hamilton, part of the first all-woman team to ski to the North and South Pole; and Ross Kemp, investigative journalist and British TV actor who filmed the documentary 'Alive In Alaska.'

Cultural heritage guides from Alaska Native Voices will be on all voyages, as well.