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On Explora I, where they find their 'ocean state of mind'

PHOTO: ANNE KALOSH CRUISE_C_Austin_M_Ungerer_Achille_Staiano.jpg
Michael Ungerer shares his 'ocean state of mind' place aboard Explora I, with Chris Austin, left, and Achille Staiano reacting
Aboard Explora I in New York, Explora Journeys leaders singled out some favorite spots where they find their 'ocean state of mind.'

'My ocean state of mind is upstairs in the cigar lounge, sitting in a nice leather chair and looking out the window,' CEO Michael Ungerer said. 'I love whiskies. I love the occasional cigar.'

Encsonced in the intimate Malt Whisky Bar on Deck 11, Ungerer savors details — the decoration, the art, the furniture. 'You touch the leather, you feel the quality,' he said.

The aft infinity pool

'When you have children, you don't usually pick a favorite. I like everything,' Chief Commercial Officer Achille Staiano said. Coming over recently from the MSC Cruises side, Staiano was soaking up as much as possible about Explora I during its inaugural festivities. That was for his professional knowledge.

But personally, 'As a guest, try to imagine yourself lying around the infinity pool on the aft of ship. Behind is the ocean and the sunset. Tell me that is not the best spot on the ship,' Staiano said.


At left, Achille Staiano's favorite Astern Pool with its infinity edge, and at right, the upper deck Helios Pool against the Manhattan skyline. Explora I has two other pools besides

The Lobby

And for Chief Sales Officer Chris Austin, who spent decades with Starwood Hotels and Resorts before coming into the luxury cruise business, 'My favorite spot is the Lobby. It is inspired by a luxury hotel, a luxury resort. It's rewarding when you see guests arrive in the Lobby and they say "Wow!  ...  You really have delivered a hotel."

'And it all comes together in the heart of the ship, which we call the Lobby, with the bar and the beautiful timepieces, the Rolexes and the Cartiers being sold [in the boutiques] here.'

ANNE KALOSHCRUISE_Chris_Austin_Explora_I.jpg

Chris Austin in his favorite spot on Explora I, the Lobby