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MedCruise – CLIA meeting in Piraeus

MedCruise – CLIA meeting in Piraeus
The two associations explore ways for facilitating cruise growth MedCruise and CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) held a meeting on Tuesday 25 February at the headquarters of MedCruise at the Port of Piraeus in Greece.

During the meeting, MedCruise and CLIA executives discussed the latest developments in the cruise sector and explored the prospects for the collaboration between the two Associations in order to further advance the sustainable growth of cruise activities. The themes of the meeting included promotional and regulatory issues of mutual interest, as well as ways to further improve the attractiveness of cruising.

CLIA, which was represented at the meeting by Didier Scaillet, CLIA vice-president, and Robert Ashdown, secretary general of CLIA Europe, presented among others the latest developments in the organisation, the scope and aims of the recent restructuring of the Association that represents cruise lines across the globe.

MedCruise, which was represented by Stavros Hatzakos, MedCruise president, and Thanos Pallis, MedCruise secretary general, presented the growing activities of MedCruise, and its strategy for promoting cruise in the Μediterranean and its adjoining seas, via an engagement in a dialogue with cruise lines.

The two parties decided to hold further meetings aiming to a sustainable communication between cruise lines and the ports for the benefits of the members of the associations representing the supply and the demand side of the market respectively.

This meeting follows the submission joint statement of CLIA Europe and MedCruise to the European Commission, aiming to put cruise at the core of the European maritime growth strategy, and is indicative of the building up of a common understanding between the two associations.

Piraeus 27.2.2014

From L-R: Robert Ashdown (CLIA Europe secretary general), Stavros Hatzakos (MedCruise President), Didier Scaillet (CLIA vice-president), and Thanos Pallis (MedCruise secretary general)

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