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Costa to continue using bio-LNG trucks for moving supplies

In 2024, around 25% of the kilometers needed to supply Costa ships based in Europe will be covered by LC3 Trasporti trucks fueled by bio-LNG
Costa extended its collaboration with LC3 Trasporti to transport supplies to its ships using bio-LNG trucks. 

The partnership was first announced last May: ‘...After a first positive experience in 2023, we have decided to extend our collaboration with LC3 Trasporti, an Italian partner that shares our values and vision,’ said Marco Diodà, VP procurement & supply chain at Costa Cruises.

Uses livestock waste

This year, around 25% of the kilometers needed to supply Costa ships based in Europe will be covered by LC3 Trasporti trucks fueled by bio-LNG, the liquefied biomethane obtained by refining livestock waste. This percentage rises to 42% if only Italian ports of call are taken into account.

The use of bio-LNG for road freight transport will make it possible to reduce net CO2 emissions by 87% and particulate emissions by almost 96% in comparison with emissions for a conventional Euro VI diesel vehicle carrying the same cargo and travelling the same distances.

The goods to be transported include various types of food, beverages, and technical supplies, which will be shipped from Costa’s warehouses in Genoa, Italy to its ships in the ports of Kiel and Hamburg in Germany, and Venice, Taranto and Trieste in Italy. In particular, the entire Genoa-Venice route which crosses the Po Valley, one of the areas in Europe most exposed to particulate pollution, will be covered using only bio-LNG trucks.

CO2 emissions slashed in 2023

Owing to the partnership, out of a total of approximately 115,000 km travelled in 2023, net CO2 emissions were reduced by 12,200 kg and particulate emissions were reduced by around 384,000 mg.

LC3 Trasporti President Michele Ambrogi remarked. ‘...This solution not only represents a significant reduction in emissions but is also a concrete step towards the full sustainability of heavy goods transport… We are grateful for the trust Costa Cruises has placed in LC3 Trasporti, a tangible example of how cooperation between companies can lead to innovative solutions that promote sustainability in the transport industry.’