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Intercruises calls for sustainability framework

Advantages of sourcing food locally was one of the areas discussed
Arantxa Garcia, head of sustainability, Intercruises Shoreside & Port Services says a set of shared principles should be established to ensure tour operators and cruise lines are acting responsibly.

‘We need a common criteria, [for measures that] we need to look for and take care of and find ways to implement’, commented Garcia. ‘We’ve seen a lot of changes in previous years… Sensitivity is changing dramatically year on year with more requests and expectations for more sustainable shore excursions… and assurances they are responsible.’ 

Garcia went on to add that Intercruises Shoreside & Port Services - winner of the 2020 Seatrade Cruise Innovative Shorex of the Year Award for fishing plasticuses an online tool to facilitate responsible tours and said the company has ‘a good response from the communities where we operate’ as a result. 

The comments were made during ‘Keeping the spotlight on sustainability’ during Seatrade Cruise Virtual, moderated by Jane Madden, managing partner, FINN Partners Global Sustainability & Social Impact. 

Positive outcomes

Joyce Landry, founder of, referred to the Galapagos as an example of where cruise tourism has succeeded. ‘Without tourism, I don’t even know what would have happened to the islands… there wouldn’t even be animals on them by now.’ 

She said ‘change has been dramatic compared to 50 years ago’  regarding attitudes towards the ocean and described eco tourism as ‘burgeoning’, owing to people’s recent change in values. ‘It’s good for finances and the economy of the cruise industry and the tourism industry in general’, she added.

Supporting local communities

‘Locally provided fish… that’s a big hurdle for the cruise lines still to pass’, Landry stated, while Zakary Kirkpatrick, corporate director of marketing & public relations, Alaskan Dream Cruises explained the company’s campaign to purchase locally sourced fish and embrace ‘regenerative tourism.’ 

Kirkpatrick described seeing larger vessels making ‘a more concerted effort’ towards enviornmental measures. 

Nicolas Dubreuil, director of sustainability, Ponant said of the company’s vessels, ‘With this kind of cruise ship you can explain to passengers… and change the world and change the mind of your passengers.’