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Churchill granddaughter, biographer becomes Tauck ambassador

Churchill granddaughter, biographer becomes Tauck ambassador
Tauck is expanding its relationship with Celia Sandys, the granddaughter of Winston Churchill. Sandys is also Churchill’s biographer, having penned five books about the World War II-era British prime minister, and she was his frequent traveling companion during her teen years.

Sandys will serve as a brand ambassador for Tauck, appearing on the company’s behalf at certain consumer and travel agent events in the UK and US, and assisting in Tauck’s outreach to its agents and prospective guests in other ways. Through an exclusive agreement with Tauck, Sandys already speaks to Tauck groups traveling on three of the company’s itineraries that visit London.

'My grandfather famously said; "I am a man of simple tastes, easily satisfied by the best,'' Sandys noted, 'and I, too, appreciate the commitment to excellence that's required to be the best. I see that commitment in Tauck.'

'To hear Celia speak in London and to experience a very real connection with one of Britain's most iconic leaders is incredibly powerful. It's exactly the kind of authentic, memorable, "insider" experience we strive to deliver throughout the world,' Tauck ceo Dan Mahar said.

Sandys currently speaks to travelers on two river cruises, the 14-day 'Cruising the Seine Plus Versailles, Paris & London' and the 23-day 'Belle Epoch: London to Monte-Carlo.' Both programs begin with an included two-night stay at London's The Savoy, where Sandys makes her presentation. In addition, she is featured on select departures of a third Tauck itinerary, 'A Week in ... London & Paris.'

Sandys' most recent book, We Shall Not Fail—The Inspiring Leadership of Winston Churchill, describes the principles that enabled her grandfather to lead England to victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.


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