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Costa signs agreement with Savona to develop sustainable cruise tourism

Costa signs agreement with Savona to develop sustainable cruise tourism
The Municipality of Savona, the Port Authority of Savona and Costa Cruises signed a three-year memorandum of understanding for sustainable development in the cruise sector in the Italian sea-port.

The agreement calls for joint efforts to develop sustainable cruise tourism in Savona, Italy's fourth leading cruise port which recorded over 1m passenger movements in 2014.

'Thanks to close cooperation between Costa, the Municipality and the Port Authority, Savona will become a long-term reference for sustainable development in the cruise sector, thereby creating economic, social and environmental value for the area,' declared Neil Palomba, president of Costa Cruises.

'In recent years Costa has made major investments in Savona, such as the construction of the Palacrociere’s second terminal, and we would like to continue to grow together with the city in a responsible manner,' he added.

'The signing of this memorandum of understanding formalises a series of mutual commitments by the signers with the clear objective of continuing to improve and, if possible, implement what was built from 1996 to the present: this includes important infrastructures and a high-level service model for cruise passengers and ships, creating numerous jobs that on peak days will reach a total of 200,'  pointed out the president of the Port Authority of Savona, Gian Luigi Miazza.

The main areas of mutual co-operation included in the agreement focus on environmental protection, social and economic impact, and communication of the results achieved.

Regarding emissions from ships in port, Costa Cruises is engaged in a series of initiatives aimed at limiting environmental impact, including fitting of exhaust gas cleaning systems on seven of the fleet’s ships as well as the construction of the first cruise ships powered by LNG with Savona announced as the homeport for the first vessel delivering in 2019.

To obtain a more accurate overview of the environmental impact generated in Savona, Costa has also developed specific activities for monitoring port emissions, the results of which will soon be available. Studies are also underway to monitor noise impact of ships during port operations.

The environment-oriented interventions set out in the agreement will also involve traffic to and from the Palacrociere providing, for example, special communications to guests to give preference to those arriving by car from the Vado motorway exit instead of from Albisola.
In addition, a consulting company will develop a study to measure the economic impact of cruises in the area.

Efforts will also be made in terms of training, through the organisation of professional traineeships for young people from Savona at the Palacrociere, along with courses on tourism welcoming activities for personnel who are already employed. There will also be educational programs for elementary and middle-school students and cooperation with universities and secondary schools for research projects linked to cruises and tourism.

The joint management, already formalised, by Costa, Municipality, Chamber of Commerce and Port Authority of the Info Point, located inext to the terminal, will improve tourist welcoming and information services for cruise passengers, and for which development projects are being planned in a cooperative effort with local associations.