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Leibowitz: Health & safety top of mind as Seabourn returns to normal

Article-Leibowitz: Health & safety top of mind as Seabourn returns to normal

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Josh Leibowitz: Talking around What Is ‘Back To Normal’
‘Health and safety is top of mind and will be the pillar in future for all travellers everywhere we go,' commented Josh Leibowitz, president, Seabourn Cruise Line during today’s Seatrade Cruise Virtual: Guest Experience.

Talking around What Is ‘Back To Normal?’ on the guest experience front, Leibowitz said ‘health has become a ticket to be able to travel as countries are reopening and people get vaccinated. The health and safety prerogative is here to stay.’

Horses for courses

Asked where guests want to go, Leibowitz said many will want to go back to city centres like London, Paris and Rome while others want more rural surroundings and off-the-beaten-track destinations in Croatia and the Greek Isles. Others will be drawn to expedition cruising.


Technology will become even more important in the future, Leibowitz said. Citing his own brand’s advancements he spoke of the new Seabourn Voyage Tracker tool introduced on its new expedition ships allowing Seabourn to catalogue a guest's journey with the expedition leaders, creating a diary of the voyage and noting each day's higlights. Travellers can log into this when they return home and share with friends and family.

Talking about pent-up demand for travel, ‘We are seeing multiple bookings into the future,’ Leibowitz said, and he anticipates a major shortage in leisure travel inventory in the next 18 months.

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