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CLIA Australasia urges industry to inundate parliamentarians

Joel Katz wants to swamp members of Parliament with Ready, Set, Sail emails
Cruise Lines International Association Australasia launched the second phase of its Ready, Set, Sail campaign to get a framework for the restart of domestic cruising in Australia. 

In May it provided a tool for travel agents, industry stakeholders and other members of Australia’s cruise community to email local members of Parliament and key ministers at state and federal levels, including Prime Minister Scott Morrison and state premiers.

40,000 emails

That resulted in more than 40,000 emails to MPs around Australia, with many giving details of the hardships that have been brought about by the cruise suspension.

‘Politicians are increasingly acknowledging the need to revive the cruise economy, but we need them to do more so we can get detailed plans in place,’ CLIA Australasia MD Joel Katz said.

‘We need to break the cycle of inaction and achieve firm plans for a careful revival of cruising,’ he said.

CLIA Australasia has called for cruising to be included in the four-phase National Plan to reopen Australia and wind back travel restrictions.

Four-phase pathway

It has outlined its own four-phase pathway to cruising’s revival, based on the same vaccination targets used in the National Plan.

‘Australia is the only major cruise destination in the world where governments have made no progress towards a responsible resumption of cruising, despite months of discussions and the availability of stringent new health protocols in response to COVID-19,’ Katz said.

‘With our supporters’ help, we want to send a clear message that Australians deserve a detailed plan for our industry’s revival.’

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