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Five Senses unveils Mykonos Smart Signs, guiding the destination experience

Mykonos Smart Signs – a series of ten signs located along the route from the new port to the old port.
Five Senses unveiled Mykonos Smart Signs, a collaboration with the Municipality of Mykonos, Mykonos Port Authority, SkyMaps and WISIE.

The initiative is set to elevate the guest experience and redefine how cruise passengers explore the Greek island destination of Mykonos, explains Ioannis Bras, CEO of Five Senses who developed Mykonos Smart Signs – a series of ten signs located along the route from the new port to the old town.

Interactive signs

The interactive and informative signs, combined with advanced QR and NFC (near field communication) technology supporting five languages, transcend traditional boundaries by immersing the passengers in the authentic ambience of the destination, says Bras.

Each sign provides different information depending on its location with map and information about gastronomy, culture, history and local products.

Guest experience

According to Mayor Konstantinos Koukas, ‘Mykonos is a treasure trove of hidden wonders, captivating experiences, and vibrant local culture. The Mykonos Smart Signs Project will serve as the gateway to discovering the many facets of our island, offering an unparalleled guest experience.’

Dimitris Manesis, chairman of Mykonos Port Authority believes Mykonos Smart Signs will inspire visitors to delve deeper into Mykonos.

Once the information is scanned it remains on visiotrs’ mobile devices without the need to scan again.

Bras commented: ‘It creates a state of mind, immersing passengers in the beauty of Mykonos and guiding them to its hidden treasures. With the integration of features like the 'You Are Here' tags and the QR/NFC stamps, we are confident that the Mykonos Smart Signs Project will leave a lasting impression and create unforgettable memories for all who visit.’

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