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Scenic expands 2023 Japan voyages

Scenic Eclipse will venture to the last remote frontier of Japan: the island of Hokkaido
Scenic Eclipse’s 2023 sailings to Japan have been expanded to include new itineraries, destinations plus a brand new immersive excursion, with Scenic citing ongoing demand.

New ports added

The three newly added sailings will visit more than six new ports of call including Hachinohe, Shimizu, Muroran and Sakaiminato, as well as ports across the US’ Aleutian Islands. 

Shinto ceremony

The Scenic Enrich excursion added – part of the cruise line’s immersive shore excursion programme – allows passengers to experience Japanese culture at a Shinto ceremony. The ancient tradition features prayers and dancing to encourage the purification of spirits and a sake Kagami-biraki ceremony at a local shrine, said to bring good luck to all who attend.

It can be experienced during the ‘Iconic Japan: Sacred Cultures & Natures’ itinerary departing June 11, 2023 which will provide an opportunity to learn about the history of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes and observe the natural beauty of Shimizu, as well as discover the natural beauty and cultural significance of Hachinohe on the island of Honshu. 

Sailing from Busan in South Korea to Otaru, calling Matsuyama, Shingu, Shimizu, Tokyo and Hachinohe and Muroran, the voyage will also enable passengers to encounter the shores across the Land of the Rising Sun, from the neon streets of Tokyo to the last remote frontier of Japan: the island of Hokkaido, plus eat out in Muroran.

They will observe the scenery on the foothills of Mount Fuji, including the white streams of Shiraito Falls and uncover historic Japanese culture at the Tokaido Hiroshige Art Museum.

Additional itinerary highlights  

Scenic Eclipse's 2023 sailings also includes highlights such as the 12-day ‘Cultural Wonders of Japan’ itinerary departing June 3. It takes passengers from Otaru to Busan and includes a train to Seoul for departure. Ports also include Hakodate, Aomori, Sado Island, Kanazawa, Maizuru, Sakaiminato and Hagi.

Passengers will have the opportunity to learn about ancient Samurai and explore Aomori, which holds one of the world’s largest and most well-preserved archaeological sites. The volcanic heights of Mount Daisen, known locally as ‘mini-Fuji,’ is also on the agenda in addition to exploring the streets of Sakaiminato which inspired legendary manga artist, Shigeru Mizuki. A view of the Grand Shine of Izumo - one of Japan’s most important shrines - can be experienced.

The 21-day ‘Japan and Aleutian Islands’ voyage will take passengers from Otaru to Nome, US and visits eight of the 14 volcanic and 55 smaller Aleutian Islands belonging to the USA. Kayaking between the Aleutian Islands, discovering them on foot and learning about the stories and history of the Pacific Ring of Fire can also be fulfilled. 

Departing July 11, 2023 passengers will see wildlife including seabirds and cetaceans, and cross terrain that ranges from barren tundra lands and dense forests, to sandy beaches and rocky cliff faces.

Discovery Team 

A geologist will be present for explaining the rocky landscapes and ornithologists to share knowledge on bird species as part of the 15-strong onboard Discovery Team made up of scientists, historians and archaeologists among others. They will inform passengers on Japan’s history, fauna, wildlife and traditions.

Onboard, guests can dine on sushi in Sushi @ Kokos, sample north Asian fusion food at Night Market or try local Sake from the onboard Sake bar.