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STCTalks: Eat.Drink.Cruise - Episode one

Embark on a culinary journey like no other with "Eat.Drink.Cruise." Your passport to the dynamic world of food and beverage onboard cruise ships, with host Ken Taylor, Senior Vice President, Marketeam.

Seatrade Cruise are so excited to announce the launch of brand new Food and Beverage podcast Eat.Drink.Cruise

Join host Ken Taylor, Senioe Vice President at Marketeam as he navigates through the bustling kitchens and exquisite dining rooms of the high seas, exploring everything from sustainability initiatives to cutting-edge culinary innovations, the podcast offers an exclusive peek behind the curtains of this dynamic industry.

Discover how trends in hospitality shape the onboard experience, and meet the masterminds behind it all, from operators and consultants to influencers. With bite-sized conversations and a holistic perspective, "Eat.Drink.Cruise." promises to satisfy the cravings of cruise veterans, suppliers, and F&B enthusiasts alike.

In our first episode, we delve deep into the heart of the industry with none other than Cornelius Gallagher, Vice President of Hotel Operations for Celebrity Cruises.

From sustainability initiatives to culinary innovation, Gallagher shares how trends in hospitality are reshaping the onboard experience. Exploring the intersection of food, culture, and hospitality Gallagher unveils the "Celebrity Way," a revolutionary approach to elevated guest experiences onboard.

Discover Gallagher's illustrious career, from working alongside world-renowned chefs, to spearheading the launch of new F&B programmes and chef partnerships with Celebrity Cruises. Discover how his culinary expertise informs his vision for sourcing the freshest ingredients and creating memorable dining moments at sea.

Listen to the podcast here: