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Ocean Explorer picks up Aurora Expeditions' Greg Mortimer Arctic itineraries

Ocean Explorer, here, came out of lay-up in Caen, France, to complete the Arctic season for Greg Mortimer, which arrived in Caen July 25, according to AIS data
Ocean Explorer, previously chartered by Vantage Deluxe World Travel, is completing Greg Mortimer's Arctic season for Aurora Expeditions as that ship undergoes repairs.

Greg Mortimer sustained propeller damage, and Ocean Explorer is operating the ship's remaining four Arctic voyages. 

Earlier, in the first court hearing for Vantage's Chapter 11 proceedings in the US, it emerged that Aurora Expeditions is interested in potentially acquiring Vantage assets, including its hefty customer database. 

Sister ships

Aurora's Greg Mortimer and Sylvia Earle are the sisters of Ocean Explorer and Ocean Odyssey, all four owned by affiliates of SunStone Maritime Group.

Ocean Explorer and Ocean Odyssey were withdrawn from service in late May, shortly before Vantage filed for bankruptcy protection. Affiliates of SunStone Maritime Group are major creditors in the Vantage case, with claims for the charters of Ocean Odyssey ($3.6m) and Ocean Explorer ($3.2m). 

Greg Mortimer in Caen

According to AIS data, Greg Mortimer arrived in Caen today. That is where Ocean Explorer had been laid up, along with Ocean Odyssey.

Sylvia Earle remains in operation, and Aurora Expeditions said Greg Mortimer’s next sailing season is to commence in November.

An Aurora spokesperson in Sydney said CEO Michael Heath is traveling in the Arctic and the company had no further information to share at this point.