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Silversea salutes craftspeople as Silver Moon delivery nears

Silver Moon has three venues that debut Silversea's new S.A.L.T. culinary concept, plus Lalique panels, some enhanced public areas and Savoir beds in the top 10 suites
Scheduled for delivery on Oct. 30, Silver Moon is the sister of 2017's Silver Muse. Many of the same craftspeople who contributed to the earlier ship have been involved with Silver Moon.

During the peak months of construction at Fincantieri’s Ancona yard, more than 1,000 professionals worked on the ship simultaneously, with over 390 companies contributing.

Hirsch-Bedner Associates for S.A.L.T. venues

Design firm Hirsch-Bedner Associates was responsible for the venues that feature Silversea's new culinary program, S.A.L.T., which debuts with Silver Muse. These include S.A.L.T. Lab, S.A.L.T. Kitchen and S.A.L.T. Bar. The venues took 18 months from initial brief to completion, with approximately 2,740 man-hours invested by craftspeople in London, Miami and various locations in Italy.

'Creating a synergy between the ship’s three S.A.L.T. venues, which evolves from day to night, and having such a strong sociable element to the immersive culinary experiences is completely unique,' HBA associate Matteo Pace said. 'The brief was about finding a balance between land and sea, bringing the two together through the world’s culinary influences.

'Each space needed a bespoke design with a clear connection, driven by the overall flow,' he continued. 'Tactile and surprising in their design, the spaces needed to bring to life places and personalities, and be experiences within themselves. The S.A.L.T. program will transport travelers on a journey of discovery from port to port, which is reflected in the design of the venues, with lots of unique objects that draw on influences from all over the world.'

When it came to the color palette, lighter tones were employed in the communal areas and cooking spaces in S.A.L.T. Lab; rich details and accents in the main restaurant, S.A.L.T. Kitchen; and a darker, more mysterious feel for S.A.L.T. Bar.

The trio of venues used approximately 330 square meters of carpet, 220 square meters of tiles, 160 spotlighting fixtures, 137 chairs plus banquette seating, 81 tables and one purpose-built wine cellar.

GEM for public areas and suites

Accommodating 596 passengers in 298 ocean-view suites — 96% with veranda — Silver Moon maintains the small-ship intimacy and spacious accommodations that are Silversea hallmarks. Architectural firm GEM designed the public spaces and suites.

'In true Silversea style, Silver Moon certainly whispers luxury — just like her sister ship Silver Muse,' said GEM's Lorenzo Mortola. 'Beyond the introduction of the S.A.L.T. program, the overall guest experience has been enhanced, with guest feedback from Silver Muse informing the new ship’s design.'

The enlarged La Dame Restaurant will now accommodate 56 diners and is decorated with handcrafted Lalique crystal panels. Capacity of the popular Atlantide Restaurant has been increased to seat 220. The Connoisseur’s Corner (cigar bar) now includes a sophisticated outdoor area. And the Dolce Vita Lounge, at the heart of the ship, has a new layout, with an atmosphere that changes throughout the day.

Lalique handcrafted crystal

Eleven handmade crystal artworks by Lalique adorn the walls of La Dame Restaurant. A team of around 15, including a designer from the Lalique Interior Design Studio, an engineer and a team of artisans, completed the project over an 18-month period. Lalique’s craftspeople spent approximately 30 hours producing each bespoke panel, applying their ancestral know-how in the company’s historic French factory, which dates to 1922.

Before being installed, each crystal panel underwent a two-stage process. During the hot glass process, Lalique’s glassmakers braved extreme workshop temperatures to shape the crystal. Next, in a cold glass process, the artisans sculpted and finished each creation, forming Lalique's characteristic contrast between clear and matte crystal.

Savoir beds

Savoir crafted 10 bespoke beds for Silver Moon's top 10 suites (four owner’s suites, four grand suites and two royal suites). Handcrafted by Savoir’s artisans in Wales, each piece took more than 30 hours to complete. As well as hand-teased horsehair and soft lambswool, the 10 beds comprise 72 kilograms of needled cotton, 72 kilograms of layered cotton, 30 kilograms of wool, 32,560 mattress spring units and 720 tufts.

Each mattress offers dual tension so travelers can choose between firm support on one side and soft on the other. Each element of the beds — the box springs, the mattresses and the toppers — was signed and dated by the craftsperson who created it.