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Silversea's 2026 world cruise charts more destinations than ever

Silversea Cruises' 2026 world voyage will explore 70 destinations in 37 countries, the most ever for the line.

Twenty-six ports are new for a Silversea world cruise or unvisited by the line since 2020, a nine overnight stays are planned.

Travelers will embark Silver Dawn at Port Everglades on Jan. 6.

A pre-sale event opens to Venetian Society members on June 14, while general sales open on June 22.

‘The Curious and the Sea’

The cruise will be packed with bespoke events ashore, onboard activities, regionally inspired culinary experiences and three optional overland tours (Uzbekistan, Luxor and the Balkans).

Silver Dawn will follow ancient trade routes, sailing the waters that connected the Silk Road, and transit both the Panama and Suez canals. The ship will visit some of the world’s most remote islands, including those in the South Pacific explored by Capt. James Cook and visit lands that inspired scientific investigation such as Western Australia, which attracted Charles Darwin in 1836.

Inspired by explorers

'For this world cruise, we took inspiration from history’s most pioneering explorers, each of whom has sailed to the end of the earth, driven by curiosity and a thirst for discovery,' Silversea President/CEO Barbara Muckermann said.


‘The Curious and the Sea’ itinerary begins in Fort Lauderdale and ends at Lisbon

After embarking in Fort Lauderdale, Silver Dawn will sail through Central America, before transiting the Panama Canal to South America. Easter Island, French Polynesia and the South Pacific will follow, en route to New Zealand and a semi-circumnavigation of Australia.

Travelers will then explore Southeast Asia, crossing the Bay of Bengal to Sri Lanka, India, and the Red Sea, before passing through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean. They will delve into European history and culture, before the voyage concludes at Lisbon on May 27, 2026.

World cruise events

World cruisers will be treated to a bon vouage reception in Fort Lauderdale on the evening of Jan. 5, before spending a pre-cruise night in a luxury hotel and embarking Silver Dawn Jan. 6. Toward the voyage’s conclusion, a grand finale farewell event will immerse passengers in the culture, heritage, and traditions of the Southern Mediterranean.

Other bespoke events are planned in French Polynesia; at Mystery Island, Vanuatu; in Bali alongside the rice paddies of the five-star Tanah Gajah resort in Benoa; and in Cochin, India, including a traditional houseboat cruise on the Kerala River.